Declaration of Unification

With this declaration, we, the people of the Earth give notice to our respective governments of our intentions and reasons to peacefully restructure our political bands.

We believe all human beings deserve equal and inalienable freedoms and rights. We believe in peace between nations and peoples. We believe in the ethical treatment of all living things and systems of living things, not only for humanitarian reasons, but for the protection of the planet Earth we depend upon for our survival and the survival of generations yet to be born. Because we believe in democracy, we believe in our right to abolish or alter the multi-national model of governance that has been destructive to these ends and to institute a new world government that lays its foundations on such principles, and organizes its powers in such form so democracy, freedom, peace, and the protection of our planet is secure not only for the people of our time, but for the people of all times.

With the dawn of civilization, human beings formed nations autonomous of one another. Many of them were unaware of each other’s existence because of their inability to convey themselves across seemingly insuperable natural boundaries. Consequently, humanity became blessed with a plethora of differing cultures, languages, and religions. A multi-national system of governance afforded humanity the opportunity to experiment with different political systems and consequently discover their respective advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, those nations within reach of one another often warred for control of land and resources. In mutual fear, they competed in a race for technological advances in architecture, transportation, weaponry, and other areas ultimately contributing to the advancement of the human race. Until the 20th century, these advancements and the economic activities supporting them were relatively benign to the overall health and safety of humanity and the planet. But in the course of recent human events, governments around the world have engendered, through their actions or lack of actions, new greed and fear driven economic activities no longer offering to enrich humanity, but to potentially annihilate it and the planet. Moreover, even the best of democracies have shown a flagrant disregard for fundamental democratic and human rights while shielding themselves behind laws and systems they have created to operate with impunity. Finally, governments around the world have failed to reach an effective and inviolable entente on the innumerable environmental crises facing our planet today. To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world:

• Governments around the world have developed and stockpiled deadly weapons of mass destruction threatening the peace and security of the citizens of the Earth.
• Governments around the world consistently wage deadly wars with high costs to human lives, the environment, and the economy.
• Governments around the world have failed to effectively confront the plethora of serious environmental problems facing our planet today. It is unrealistic to expect, now or at any time in the future, hundreds of governments reaching a concordance on a course of action on even one issue, let alone all of the issues. Additionally, there is no meaningful system to enforce any potential treaty or pact. Finally, elections in democracies bring new governments that get elected on promises to build their economies at the cost of compromising previous international agreements.
• Governments around the world have usurped the right of the individual to peacefully assemble and protest. Some governments have responded to peaceful protests with lethal force. Even in the best of democracies, illegal imprisonment has been used to dissuade individuals from exercising this fundamental democratic right.
• Governments around the world have used death, imprisonment, intimidation, and threats to prevent members of the media from exercising their right to freedom of the press and reporting on government corruption.
• Governments around the world have turned a blind eye to crimes of rape and murder committed by soldiers.
• Governments around the world have allowed the use of child soldiers and workers.
• Governments around the world have failed to provide their citizens with a meaningful system of redress against acts of police abuse and brutality.
• Governments around the world have instituted extremely protracted and grossly disproportionate sentences of imprisonment for criminal offences. Additionally, they have constructed and allowed the use of prisons that are severely inhumane and unnecessary for the protection of the public.
• Governments around the world have defrauded the public, misappropriated funds, and become aggrandized and wealthy on the hard work of citizens who are often left indigent. Moreover, these governments have created laws and systems to shield themselves from prosecution.
• Governments around the world have failed to protect the LGBT community and other minorities from discrimination, harassment, and mistreatment. Many governments, even in the best of democracies, have created laws and policies directly and overtly violating the religious rights of minorities.
• Governments around the world have failed to legislate and/or promote gender equality rights.
• Governments around the world have left many of their citizens without adequate shelter, potable water, sufficient food, and essential medical care.

This list of charges of which the governments of the world stand accused is neither definitive nor exhaustive. The people of the Earth have petitioned repeatedly for redress against these aggressions, oppressions, and usurpations only to be answered by grandiloquence and repeated injury. Governments whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.
Therefore, we, the people of the Earth, assert there exists the conditions under which people must alter their government. We assert governments around the world and the multi-national model of governance have produced such conditions, and by necessity the people of the Earth are hereby peacefully restructuring their political ties with their respective governments and forming a new World Union. In so doing, we declare our right to form peace pacts between ourselves and to unite the world’s military forces into one global peace-keeping force. We shall therefore end war and amass all weapons of mass destruction for safe disposal. Secondly, we declare our right to the democratic election of a new world government comprised of four incorruptible branches (the Executive headed by the President, the Legislative headed by the House of Representatives and the Senate, the Judicature with its highest authority being the Supreme Court of the World Union, and the Constitutional Enforcement Agency headed by the Tribune). We shall therefore be more effective and efficient in drafting, implementing, and enforcing strict environmental policies. Thirdly, we declare our right to establish regulated capitalism as our global economic system and to establish a new global currency for the purpose of commerce. We shall therefore create a thriving global economy harmonious with fair and safe business practices. Finally, we declare the World Union’s jurisdiction over the entire planet, its international waters, surrounding air space, Antarctic, Arctic, and any other place in, on, or around the Earth. We shall therefore take all reasonable steps towards the protection of Earth’s biosphere. And we shall spread democracy, freedom, and justice to all four corners of the globe.

Many citizens of the Earth still feel a strong sense of patriotism. Consequently, the World Union will protect and support national pride by allowing the use of pre-World Union national anthems, flags, and ties for the purpose of global sporting events such as the World Olympics. Additionally, the Constitution shall provide protections for the preservation of the beautiful cornucopia of cultures, languages, and religions on Earth.

In conclusion, I, Leib Moshe (Lion of Moses), and First Citizen of the World Union solemnly publish and declare on behalf of the citizens of the Earth we are a free people and are peacefully restructuring our current respective governments so we may form a global union of brotherhood and sisterhood. In support of this declaration, I pledge my commitment, love, time, and wisdom.